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CMG 2008 Impressions

I’ve been back from CMG 2008 in Las Vegas for a few days now and I’m still getting caught up. I’ve got a number of posts in the works on some of the better sessions I attend and will get some out before Christmas. I tried – I really did – to post every night, but with catching up with client work, getting ready for my presentation, and coming down with a cold I just couldn’t do it. Now I really admire those bloggers who manage to post in almost real time from conferences!

My first CMG was in 1987 and at that time there over 2,00 attendees and the content was primary mainframe with a smattering of networks (SNA – not TCP/IP!). Since then I’ve attend about 7 others with my last in 2002 before attending this one. As can be expected, the main change over the years has been a diversification to the new technologies so that now mainframe is no longer predominant.  The other major change that I noticed is that the conference has gotten smaller over the years. This past year with the bad economy attendance was down to just under 500, although I remember 2002 to be larger.

For those readers that have never attend CMG and are in the performance and capacity field here are some things that you are missing:

  • High quality papers by both “professionals” ( i.e. vendors – but they are not allowed to pitch their products) and regular “users” who share their experiences.
  • Broad array of subjects for all technologies and and a number of management topics.
  • Great camaraderie – CMG includes breakfast, lunch, and evening PARS (Performance Analyst Relaxation Sessions) for socializing and networking.
  • Outstanding organization. CMG has always been a extremely well organized throughout the years.
  • Excellent value. For people in the performance and capacity field I have found no better learning resource.

CMG 2008 lived up to my expectations and I expect to attend next year in Dallas. What better recommendation could you get then that?

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